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I don’t try to write every kind of music, but if I have a good reason, I will try anything.   Like every artist or composer, I have my strengths and limitations, but within the realm of my wheelhouse lies a pretty wide palette.  For the most part I follow the muse and it usually leads to some interesting places.  

I love composing to picture because the story dictates what’s needed from the music.  But in the absence of scoring opportunities, I often write music pitches for various project listings that sometimes stretch my comfort zone.  Occasionally, the pitch will miss the mark entirely, but I will end up creating a cool piece of music in the process.  Some of those odd creations can be found below, waiting for a the right placement.  

Note that this is called Richard’s music library, and it is in fact, a library of music.  However, do not confuse this with “library music”, because you will not find typical library music here.  Presented below is a variety of original stand-alone pieces of music of which most were not intentionally designed for a specific purpose.  The music has been sorted into categorized players for easy browsing.  

All of the music listed below is available for licensing on a non-exclusive or limited exclusive basis.  Tracks can be edited or broken out into stems per special request for a nominal charge.  To access tracks that you can drop into your projects, use the form at the bottom of this page.  Thank you.

All music copyrights and publishing are owned by Richard Zeier and RJZ Music (ASCAP).

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To receive mp3 files

Download links have recently been added to allow user access to listen to tracks offline and to temp-sync them to video.  For actual permission to use a given track, please fill out the Music Request Form, including the intended purpose and we will get back to you.

Music is also available for licensing on the Phenomenation page, the Psitron page, and the Zamar page.  Client music on the Pearl Music page is not available.

Licensing Guidelines

Most songs can be licensed non-exclusively at the Film Festival rate of $200 good for 1 use (Festival Film, TV Pilot, Commercial Pitch) for the life of that particular project with no territorial restrictions.  However, for the project to obtain distribution or broadcast rights the license will need to be upgraded at that time.  Broadcast licenses generally start at $500 for most songs.  Cue sheet submissions to ASCAP are also required.

Limited Exclusive rights may be available but need to be negotiated.

Track Editing

Editing of audio tracks and stem breakouts are available at a rate of $75 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour.  The amount of edit time required is dependent on the complexity of the request. 

Music Request Form