Richard Zeier, Michael Fell, Bonita Harlowe, David Go

Welcome to Hollywood

Don’t get me wrong, I love Wisconsin, but the frustration of not finding the right music opportunities came to a head one cold February morning while I was chipping ice from the sidewalk. 

“I’m going to California”, said the voice speaking from my mouth.  I never questioned where the voice came from, but there was no audible dissent.  So, I proceeded to pare down my existence to whatever would fit in the trunk or back seat of my 72 Chevy Malibu, and by May 1st would be on the road.

Moving to LA opened up a whole new universe where anything seemed possible.  After a few short months of scouting out the musical landscape, I called one of many “guitarist wanted” ads and was greeted by the sound of a friendly voice asking, “can you come into the studio tonight?”  

What could I say?  It felt right, so I followed through, and it turned into a truly life changing experience.  Not only was it my first time recording in a professional studio, but Bonita and I had forged an inseparable relationship in just one night, and we became Psitron.   

We almost instantly began writing songs together in a style that neither one of us had even played before.  The spontaneous energy was hard to contain, but we needed players to back us up to play live.  Fortunately, LA is rich with a diverse pool of talent that allowed us to work with many drummers and bass players, before finally arriving upon Michael Fell and David Go.  

We tore it up on the Sunset strip for a couple of good years before we decided to add another guitarist to give us a bigger sound.  We found a good player who seemed to work out until Bonita and I were blindsided when the new guy and our rhythm section formed another band.

We trudged onward and found yet another bass player and drummer.  We continued to do shows, but things were never quite the same.  Unbeknown to us at the time, changes were taking place on a grander scale than we could imagine.  This was destiny leading us into the next chapter of our lives.