Richard Zeier

Original music that connects divergent worlds, intersecting fantasy and reality

Richard Zeier deep in thought holding his hands togother.

Composer / Musician / Producer

Richard Zeier

Richard has a wealth of experience in most every discipline related to music production. Attention to every detail in arranging, recording, and mixing is his passion. His credits include record engineering on a Grammy nominated album and producing multiple guitar tracks for an Oscar nominated film. Richard approaches every project as something special, taking care to highlight the core virtues, while using the best of technology to enhance the parts in need of development. 

Pearl Music control room overview

Welcome to Pearl Music Studio

Pearl Music is Richard’s personal workspace and playground, equipped with the latest and best software tools available for music and audio production.  In addition to the new technology, there’s an abundance of old-school tube amplifiers and vintage keyboards to accompany the variety of guitars and percussion instruments that populate the studio.  There’s even a full Tama drum kit ready to record when inspiration strikes.

Need your electrons recharged?

Did we mention Richard also designs and modifies pro audio gear? His creative wizardry can be found both working on and working inside mixing consoles, depending on what day it is.  Richard is the Technical Engineer for Pearl Music and has served in that capacity independently with many other LA studios. Few facilities have an elaborate electronics bench with an in-house tech comparable to Pearl Music.

What Richard brings to the mix...


Custom music for film scoring, commercials, television themes, movie trailers and unique soundtracks.
Richard is a sucker for powerful drama and a compelling storyline. He lives to lock in on the heartbeat of a film and absorb the emotion, extract the tempo, and imagine a score that will elevate the cinematic experience.
Specializing in making the unreal believable.

Recording Engineer

The studio has been home to a multitude of projects over the years, including bands, vocalists, and films with Richard at the helm. His relaxed but professional demeanor allows sessions to flow with optimal energy. Making use of trained ears and refined listening skills, along with an arsenal of specialized audio gear in a sonically accurate environment, is what allows Richard to achieve great sounding results on a daily basis. 


With the best of audio tools at his fingertips, including an extensive collection from the best orchestral sample libraries, plus an equally impressive collection of virtual instruments, any musical vision quickly becomes a reality. And for a taste of non-virtual, let's not forget Richard's collection of guitars, keyboards, amps, drums and percussion instruments.  All of this allows for almost any type of music track to be created on demand.

Performing Musician

Even with the best equipment on hand, it still takes some great musical chops to know how something is supposed to sound when played or sung right.  Years of live guitar, bass playing, and singing has given Richard the confidence to make tasteful decisions regarding every aspect of the music in order to capture the right feel and absolute best performance.

Audio Design Engineer

Richard started out recording to cassette shortly after picking up his first guitar. He began building custom electronics when still in High School, including the mixer used to record rehearsals of his first band. Even though Richard has since invested a considerable amount into sophisticated gear, he still makes use of his own in-house designed mic preamps and has modified much of the studio equipment to meet his high standards.

Music Mixing and Mastering

Tweaking levels, EQ and effects to accentuate the main focus, while balancing the supporting details is what makes for a great mix. It also takes a sense of vibe and groove to make it pop. We maintain a set of analysis tools to be sure the mix will translate properly to various media outlets once it leaves here. We are even equipped to rebuild problematic tracks into something completely new.


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