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This CD contains 13 mostly instrumental tracks that feature Richard’s tasty guitar explorations of genres ranging from Jazzy Rock to Electronic Orchestral. Much of the music on Phenomenation originated as cues from various film and media projects that Richard worked on as a composer. The cues were further developed into complete compositions by adding new sections and culminated with bringing in a few of Richard’s talented musician friends to breath extra life into the tracks.

Phenomenation Credits

All music was recorded and mixed at Pearl Music Studios in Hollywood, CA

The list of featured musicians includes Mike Ruiz on drums, Chalo Eduardo on percussion, Chi Coltrane and Martin Paulk on vocals, Greg Goggins on soprano sax and flute, Graham Dorsey on tenor and baritone sax, Greg Emler on trumpet and flugelhorn. Also, Tim Gaines played fretless bass, and Karen Childs played piano on “Who You Are”.

The CD was mastered by Gavin Lurrsen at the Mastering Lab.

Richard Poster cover of his album Phenomination.

CD Review Quotes

Bryant S. LittlejohnNewImage Entertainment
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Unbelievable...I can't stop listening to it. Each track is smooth...the vocals and guitar is intoxicating. It's perfect for a chill down mix or smooth jazz addition. This album should do well."
Mike Parkermanaging editor of
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"I don’t make this proclamation often, and you may not hear me say it again this year, so take notice: ‘Stop what you are doing, right now, and buy this CD!. . .with Phenomenation, Richard Zeier has created a masterpiece."
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Zeier's debut CD, Phenomenation, sounds like a movie soundtrack - in the best possible way. From the opening track, you are drawn into a compelling instrumental story that is near impossible to stop listening to. The songs feature lush orchestrations and are at once accessible, yet thoughtful."
Tim JonesMusic Street Journal
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Richard Zeier, in his first solo album Phenomenation, does a fantastic job of creating intelligent guitar music. He uses a wide variety of influences (including classical and electronic) to fuel his guitars. Most of the songs are 3 or 4 minutes long, and every piece has its own unique flavor.
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"Phenomenation is an excellent musical journey through time and space and a deep showcase of Zeier's musical ability. This is the best of cinematic rock: whether it's on your MP3 player or in your favorite films I have no doubt you'll be hearing a lot of Phenomenation and Richard Zeier."
Chris KorffSound on Sound Magazine
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Phenomenation is an instrumental classical-cum-rock album... conceived, says Richard, thanks to "proper alignment of the planets", this 13-track work represents his magnum opus. Grandiose wording, perhaps, especially considering that this is his first commercial release, but while such confidence and self-aggrandisement would probably be met with utter contempt coming from any other artist, in this case it fits the music rather well. Zeier studied film scoring at UCLA, and it shows in his music. In fact, most of the material on here sounds like a pretty convincing pitch for an über-budget Hollywod film soundtrack of the 'epic' variety.
Don CicchettiDC Guitar Journal
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"This sounds like a lifetime of passion, faith and love poured into a little shiny disc. Very impressive. . . Richard has a terrific CD here, one I recommend heartily."
Stuart A HamiltonSpacerock UK
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"And those who enjoy guitar based explorations of colour and time will find a great deal to admire here as the prodigiously talented musician heads off into a richly textured world of symphonic rock."
Robert Silverstein20th Century Guitar magazine
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"Much like the awesome cover art of his 2006 CD Phenomenation, guitarist Richard Zeier has a pretty amazing musical imagination. Phenomenation takes the scenic tour and serves as a splendid introduction to the guitar magic of Richard Zeier."

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Phenomenation is no longer in print.  However, if you would like a CD of the album, I still have a private stash and would be happy to send you one for $25 including shipping and tax.  Please specify if you would like it autographed, and I will open it and sign the cover.  Just hit me up through the contact link on the menu bar.

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