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Reefer Madness 73

This is a student film produced by Richard and some of his buddies from LaFollette High School in Madison, Wisconsin in 1973.

First the disclaimer; "Richard has not consumed any illegal substances in many years and does not recommend smoking marijuana to anyone." However, this film represents a creative period in Richard's life that was part of the experience of growing up in Wisconsin, and represents a part of who he is as an artist.

The subject matter is still somewhat controversial today and at the time was much more so. Amazingly, the Course Instructors found enough redeeming value in the film to show it to other film-making classes where it quickly became a semi-cult classic, until attracting the attention of school administrators who ordered it to be disposed of. Somehow, the film mysteriously surfaced 35 years later and was sent out to Hollywood, where Richard was able to transfer the film to video and add an appropriate soundtrack using music from that era.

The original 8mm film was shot on a single reel without sound, and had no post editing. Other than a few minor tweaks done after the transfer to digital, what you see was shot in sequence using a very loose script, with some segments shot one frame at a time to provide the animated effects.

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Reefer Madness 73 - Student Film (1973)

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